The effects of homework: is it too much?

Keegan Spitz '20, Staff Writer

Seven hours a day, five days a week, and 180 days a year.  School seemingly never ends. School is the most stressful thing in my life. It seems as though I never get a break, and that has to do with something I dread every single day starting from September all the way until June: homework.

Now, I get it, school is very important; it teaches you many life skills and information.  However, what I don’t understand is why we get loads of homework that consume the majority of freedom that I have after school.

I already spend a large chunk of my childhood in a place that I dread going to almost every day, so why is it that when I finally get home I’m stuck doing the same thing I was doing at school?  At this point, we might as well make school last until 8 p.m.

Infographic by Keegan Spitz ’20

In today’s society students are expected to do so much more than just get good grades.  Now in order to be a good student you not only need to have remarkable grades, but also be part of the top clubs and programs at South.  

Homework is limiting my opportunity to focus more on things that matter to me, such as hockey and health.  I barely have time to go to the gym and exercise as I am swamped with homework. My favorite thing to do is play hockey, especially for South. However, with the amount I homework I have, hockey stresses me out as I worry about if I have enough time to finish my homework so I can go to bed at a decent hour. 


There is a reason why I, and many other students, look forward to summer while they are in school for 9 months.  I finally get a break from all of the stress caused by homework- right? Wrong. Now I am expected to do summer packets that take away my fun during my already short summer “break.”  This last summer, I received a packet that I was supposed to do on a weekly basis. Summer is supposed to give students a break from school related stress entirely, but no, that is just not the case anymore.

It seems as though there is no way getting out of this stressful, never-ending cycle caused by school and the homework that comes with it. So thank you homework, thank you for causing my childhood to be filled with stress and anxiety.