Noodle chain sets a new standard on ramen

Madeline Allen, Web Manager

Photo by Madeline Allen ’20

There are two types of people in this world: people who appreciate an easy, uncomplicated package of ramen noodles from the convenience store, and those who don’t.
Urban Ramen (Detroit) has found the key to turning people who don’t appreciate a simple dish of ramen into fanatics of it.
After stepping inside Urban Ramen, I had realized ramen noodles consist of more than noodles and broth. The restaurant elevates the concept of ramen into a full-fledged meal with the help of a distinct dining experience.  

Although they offer few dishes, it is easy to make your meal unique. Their menu features three main bowls with customizable broth and (homemade) noodle thickness, along with add-ons to your soup such as marinated egg, pork belly and red ginger. Sides include classic Asian-cuisine sides such as garlic edamame, and sushi. However,, the chain takes a step further in making their simple menu stand out with tuna poke bowls and Japanese fried chicken.

Urban Ramen’s unorthodox style of serving their customers stood out most to me as a first-timer there. I had waited outside the restaurant for 20 minutes prior to my meal, however the staff was efficient in taking my order while I waited to enter the Japanese-inspired joint. After being seated, my order was brought to me within five minutes. Seating appeared to be limited with about ten tables, though customers were served rather quick due to the employee’s tactic of placing orders while parties waited outside. The food and atmosphere was a perfect balance of a current, upbeat metropolitan aura, and an authentic Asian-American dine-in. Located on Woodward Avenue in Midtown Detroit, many people of all ages filled the restaurant and all used nothing but chopsticks and duck spoons while listening to traditional Japanese drum music.
This new spot has completely raised the bar by transforming a simple ramen dish into an extraordinary one. It has brought ramen noodles into a new, creative light in Detroit.