The class of 2018 seeks a new prom venue


Photo by Morgan Skaff '21

The Fillmore is the new location of Grosse Pointe South’s prom.

Morgan Skaff '21, Guest writer

“Prom”– a word that causes excitement, stress and planning. Every detail has to be accounted for leading up to the big night. The Grosse Pointe South prom takes place on May 19. It is at a new venue, the Fillmore, from 7-11 p.m.

Parts of the planning process extend from the venue to the final touches, such as a dress or hair The venue is one of the first things that is planned in the entire process, class president, Blair Cullen ’18 said.

“Sophomore year is usually when you book it (the venue), so that is when we started finding the places we wanted to go to,” Cullen said. “We had presentations for what type of location we had, and we were obviously still fundraising. Once we knew we wanted the Fillmore, it is a lot more expensive, so we had to do a lot more fundraisers.”

Cullen added that the amount of money raised is based upon the venue chosen. The senior class has fundraised over the past four years to save up for the expenses involving prom.

“Coffee House and Dancing With the South Stars are probably our more memorable fundraisers although we have done dozens more,” class adviser Katie Parent said.

Cullen said that a majority of the money that is used towards prom are from the prom ticket sales. Around $20,000 is made from the ticket sales. However, there are many other preparations that are involved, including the appearance aspect of prom. Some students make appointments for hair and makeup.

“I’m getting my hair done at Edwin Paul, and then I’m getting my makeup done by this girl named Angie,” Erin Brannagan ’18 said.

Preparations are needed to be made way in advance. Girlie Girl Salon was almost completely booked for hair appointments by February, which is three months before prom, according to Stephanie Schervish ’18. Coordination on the transportation, with the rest of your friend group, also has to be made.

“It is a little stressful because we have such a big group of friends that it is hard to place everyone you know on a bus or a limo or whatever we are going to do, but I think once we get closer and everyone has their dates and everything is figured out, I think it will be  a lot more exciting,” Schervish said.

Brannagan said that almost her whole friend group, around 60 kids, are going together. The students who are attending the prom have all been ready to work whenever they need to be Cullen said.

“They are such a phenomenal group of kids,” Parent said. “They really make my job a lot easier because they are so proactive and engaged and they want to do well.”

Parent said senior students in class council are still eager to fundraise, even though it is the fourth quarter of their senior year. They are engaged in the prom planning. There has been so much planning involved over the past four years for this one day.

“We are really really excited for the new venue,” Parent said. “We have got some things we are really eager to unveil at prom this year.”