Stress of the dress

As prom nears, seniors find themselves in a hurry to find an outfit


Photo by Keely Messacar '21

Kathryn Leonard and Stephanie Schervish, both '18, looking for a dress online.

Keely Messacar '21, Guest writer

The stress for the perfect dress begins early for the senior girls. Preparation for looking your absolute best at senior prom can be a top priority.

Many seniors have been looking forward to this day throughout their high school years and May 19 will be a day to never forget.

“I started shopping for a prom dress around January or February because it came to my head and it’s a big deal because everybody waits for their senior prom,” Kathryn Leonard ’18 said. “I didn’t want the options of dresses to go down so I looked early forgot my dress in late March.”

According to Stephanie Schervish ’18, some girls have had their dresses as early as December or even before that, since searching for a dress can take months.

“North and South have the same prom date this year, so I had to book my appointment over February break,” Schervish said. “There was only one spot left. I knew I had to book super far in advance, which luckily I did,”

According to Girlie Girl’s manager Mandie Leier, they have very few services left on the date of prom. There are not any special sales going on at Girly Girl during prom season. Not only do the services needed for prom need to be booked in advance, they also become expensive.

“It’s a general fact that prom dresses are more expensive since it’s more fabric and it’s fancier, so I was expecting it to be around $200-$300,” Leonard said. “My dress came out to be $380, which is on the more expensive side, but I really love my dress.”  

Just hair and make up alone can be over $200 at Girlie Girl. According to Leier, most girls get two or three services booked for prom, so adding the price of a dress can get expensive.

“Since I can be picky and my mom gave me a price range, finding a dress I liked in my price range was one of the hardest parts,” Schervish said. “Plus ,the time that people start looking for prom dresses is in between seasons, so I think that was another hard part about it.”

According to Leonard, Revolve is a really nice online website and it is where she got her dress. Also, Leonard said there aren’t many good stores for prom dresses in Michigan, but that shopping online is a great choice.

“The company (I got my dress from) is called Likely,” Schervish said.“I originally ordered it off of Sacks because I got a blue one and then a couple weeks later it came out in pink at Revolve, so I ordered that one.”

A black suit with a matching tie would look nice according to Leonard. All guys have to do is grab a tux and match a tie to their date and they are good to go.

“We will probably be matching a tie or something with my dress; we haven’t really planned all that out yet,” Schervish said.

Prom will be a night you will always look back at, and all the photos of all her old friends and the dance are fun to look at, according to Leier. Going with a group of friends or with a date prom will be a night to remember.

“Prom was one of my favorite nights of high school– I love looking back at all the old photos,” Leier said.