BASE seminar brings awareness to character and leadership skills


Photo courtesy of Lauren Thom '18

Students gathered and listening at the club's meeting.

Lauren Thom '18, Staff Writer

Last month, several South students attended a seminar to listen to guest speaker Marty Bulger discuss steps to build character and leadership skills.

In addition to working as an educator, Bulger also dedicates his time to traveling to various schools to speak to students in order to streamline the goals of each institution.

“I do this to bring students in alignment with the school, and from that to help students get ahead in an even greater way, utilizing tools that can help them organize their thoughts which will help them organize their actions, and of course achieve what they set out to do,” Bulger said.

President of Black Awareness & Social Education (BASE) Justin Hunter ’18 said he was pleased with the turnout of the seminar, with approximately 30 students in attendance.

Hunter said it is important for students to have this opportunity to hear Bulger speak because not everyone has the chance to learn about success, education and being well-read and well-spoken.

“For (students in attendance), learning about leadership and success will probably help them all throughout their high school and college career, and getting to where they want to be,” Hunter said.

Hunter was inspired to help organize this event when he noticed kids at his own school didn’t know what they wanted to pursue in the future or much about success and education.

“What I wanted to do was set up a seminar, set up BASE club, to educate people and let them learn about being successful and know what’s going on around their community,” Hunter said.

Assistant principal Joe Spryszak also helped set up the seminar, which he believes was a great opportunity for students to better themselves.

“It’s an opportunity for students to grow within, an opportunity to reflect,” Spryszak said. “I know you do that a lot in class, but sometimes you don’t get a chance to articulate and internalize that.”

Spryszak said he hopes this event will be recurring every month at South.

Bulger said it is important for him to impart this knowledge onto other students because someone did the same for him earlier in his life. Bulger said he had a rough start going into high school, but then a guest speaker started a dialogue program at his school which changed his entire perspective.

“By sophomore year I had all As and a B,” Bulger said. “Senior year, I was senior class vice president, went to college and became senior class president, and then got involved in education.”

Bulger said he believes it is important for him to inspire greater goal seeking for people who are facing similar situations or who have a potential for growth, so they, in turn, can share their newfound knowledge with others.

After participating in the seminar, Bulger said he hopes students take away a sense of empowerment and the confidence to take control of their lives.