Winter fun brought downtown with pop-up Cadillac Holiday Market

Claire Koeppen '19 and Sarah Stevenson '19

Throughout the late fall and early winter season, the Cadillac Square Park in downtown Detroit is featuring the Cadillac Holiday Market, which includes pop-up shops and an “après ski” like a lodge, according to The Cadillac Lodge Media Alert. It will be open from Nov. 17, 2017 to Feb.15, 2018.

According to the Media Alert, there are a variety of shops open ranging from clothing, from Detroit Hustles Harder, to gift boxes, from Open Me When, to food, from J’Adore Detroit.

Inside one of the tents where visitors can warm up and converse with one another.

Beatrice Wolnerman, owner of Open Me When, a gift box company, said she loves how many local businesses are featured in the market.

“I love how it just brings so many people downtown,” Wolnerman said. “There are so many local businesses that get an opportunity to have a little pop-up shop. We’re online only, so this is our opportunity to have a retail location.”

There are two rows of terrarium-like, glass shops, according to Curbed Detroit. In addition, while walking around, visitors can also sit by the outdoor fire pits that have been placed between the shops.   

Inside the “après ski” like Cadillac Lodge are couches, digital fireplaces, and games, according to the Media Alert. In addition, there is a bar that has an assortment of food, like soups and sliders and drinks such as hot cider and hot chocolate.

The Cadillac Bier Garten is where adults can drink and try local brews.

Amy Perrin, a vendor for The End Grain Woodworking Company which makes wood products from Detroit homes, said her favorite part of Cadillac Square is the lodge.

“It’s just comfy,” Perrin said. “It’s cozy; they’re doing a good job of keeping people and keeping it intimate in there without it being crowded. There’s good food and drink too.”

The lodge is hosted by Central Kitchen + Bar, according to Curbed Detroit, and the shops are hosted by Quicken Loans and the Downtown Detroit Partnership.    

John O’Dell ’19, who visited the market last Saturday, said he enjoyed it, and the lodge, as he was able to see a lot of new people and have a great experience.

“I think the Cadillac Lodge brings people from all over to Detroit and allows them to meet and interact with each other” O’Dell said.

In addition to the Cadillac Holiday Market, there are also pop-up events throughout the winter season at the Capitol Park, Spirit Plaza, and Woodward Building, according to Eater Detroit. These venues feature Detroit-based shops and food.

It’s open Wednesday-Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 4 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The market is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

According to The Cadillac Lodge Media Alert, the lodge will also be hosting other events, such as live entertainment, as the winter season begins.   

According to Perrin, there are many positives that come from this pop-up event.  

“This is something you’d see if you were in Chicago or New York,” Perrin said. “People come down here and they feel safe, and they’re getting out and they’re meeting their neighbors.”

Wolnerman said that this pop-up event is greatly impacting Detroit and allows for more people around the area to explore the city.

“I think it’s definitely bringing people back into the city,” Wolnerman said. “There are a lot of restaurants, and shopping and events, and it’s just showing everyone that Detroit is a cool, hip and trendy place to just hang out.”