“Happy Death Day” is an ‘okay’ movie


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

"Happy Death Day" came to theaters on October 13. It is rated PG-13.

John Schulte, Staff Writer

Have you ever thought to yourself, “boy the things I would do to see an okay-not-that-great-movie?” Well then you’re in luck because “Happy Death Day” is showing in a theatre near you.

The movie begins with our main girl, Tree, waking up in Carter’s dorm room after a sloppy night on the town. Carter is an innocent, awkward kid who would otherwise never get attention from a girl  like Tree. Here we see Tree confused, because she’s used to waking up in Chad and Brad’s room in the frat house down the street from her top-tier sorority.

Her routine walk of shame is full of distinct coincidences; the car alarm going off, the sprinklers ruining a cute couples picnic and an encounter with a bad date.

Upon returning to her home, the Kappa house, we learn that Tree keeps to herself, not allowing her “sisters” to know the date of her birthday, which in fact is today. After blowing off her seemingly sweet roomate, Lori, Tree proceeds to the local hospital to relieve some stress with her Professor, and married man, Professor Butler, Tree heads to the Kappa meeting. A run in with Carter, the boy from last night, and some good old fat shaming, it’s back to the Kappa house to prepare for the big halloween party at the Alpha house.

Whilst walking alone under an ominous and sketchy bridge, Tree is confronted by a knife wielding maniac donning the school mascot, a baby mask, Tree is shanked and shived by the baby face until she wakes the next morning. Except, this morning seems a little bit off.

Tree, to her surprise, wakes up in the same dorm room to a confused Carter. The same coincidental moments proceed to play out on her walk of shame as the day before. That’s right folks you guessed it! Tree is living the same day over again. I didn’t know this was Groundhogs day.

After a dazed and confused Tree stumble through the events of the day that preceded this one, until she is eventually killed again by the knife wielding baby.

On the third morning, Tree comes to her senses. She is going to figure out who the baby face is and wake up on the next day for once.

The next fourteen or fifteen days (I lost count to be honest) play out in a somewhat thrilling, dark and humorous manner. We learn why Tree is the loose, unapologetic sorority girl she is, and the killer is finally revealed .

There are many leads for who the killer is, and I want to say it was hard to figure out. But, I managed to determine the killer about twenty minutes into the movie. I would say my deductive reasoning is impressive, but it’s pretty clear who the killer is.

Overall, this movie was okay It is a good movie to watch casually whilst you scroll through your Facebook feed. I can, and will say, that many preteens will put their arm around a girl for the first time while watching this movie in theatres. On that note, this is a movie meant for a light and fun viewing, and certainly one for the boys working up courage to make a move on Stacey from third hour. I rate this movie ten baby faces out of seventeen.