Creating a community online


Katie Hamilton '24, Supervising Web Editor

Entering high school during Covid, I didn’t know what to expect when I joined Honors Journalism. I knew I wanted to one day join the Tower but didn’t understand what that involved. During Honors Journalism, I learned about all the types of editors and knew I wanted to work on the website just like my brother.
The following year, when I joined Tower, I truly found my community. Tower allowed me to create connections with all types of people and helped me grow into who I am now. Being a web editor I learned how to organize our website and post stories.

This year I was the supervising web editor, a job that held a lot of responsibility. Through this job, I had to lead my class. This was very uncomfortable for me at the beginning of the year as I struggled with talking in front of large groups. However, doing so allowed me to overcome my fear of public speaking. I also became more comfortable with the website which led me to apply for web editor-in-chief. After preparing for all these years and preparing for the interviews I found out I got the position.
Next year I hope to create a community around the new members like Tower did for me. I hope to make a space where everyone feels welcomed,comfortable and feels like their opinions matter. Joining Tower I didn’t expect to find a community, but I quickly learned that I am right where I belong.