Shamrock shakes with spirit for St. Patrick


Cecile Walsh '24

GREEN GREATNESS A symbol of a McDonald’s march, the shamrock shake is an iconic part of the fast-food franchise.

Cecile Walsh '24, Page Editor

Shamrock shakes: the most famous seasonal drink that McDonald’s has to offer its customers. Artificial peppermint sticking to the roof of your mouth and bright green food coloring dyeing your tongue act as a right of passage for inducting oneself in the spirit of St. Patrick. The spearmint taste of the Shamrock Shake is a classic, immediately firing serotonin levels of each consumer that devours this sweet treat, and promising a slightly happier ending to the rest of their day.

While drinking shamrock shakes is objectively questionable when it comes to the stability of one’s health, that can be said about many classic fast food specials, and if anything, the knowledge of their limited availability and the short amount of time where it’s possible to take advantage of their ever present glory makes the astounding lack of health benefits seem to drift away in the wind.

In my personal opinion, shamrock shakes are a definite staple of the season where winter is beginning to come to an end; in Michigan, of course, it’s the time of year when winter is still on full blast and the end is yet to be predicted, but they hold the same sentiment nonetheless.
While much of this could be said about any old milkshake that could be purchased at any point, the Shamrock Shake is a staple for a reason- they not only are very effective in bringing the customers in, but they taste good while doing so. Having a charm that can’t be found in other flavors.