DIA graces Detroit with 10 year in-the-making Van Gogh curation

Margot Murphy '23, Associate Web Editor

The Van Gogh in America exhibit at the DIA concludes with the painting Starry Night (Starry Night over the Rhône) in which visitors can admire its artistry before leaving. (Margot Murphy ’23)

Celebrating the 100th year of purchasing “Self-Portrait,” 1887 by Vincent Van Gogh, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) has released Van Gogh in America, a showing of works that is to be on display for the public from Oct. 2, 2022 to Jan. 22, 2023.

This 10-year long curated collection includes iconic paintings such as “The Bedroom,” Van Gogh’s chair and “Portrait of Postman Rouli,” but also dawns a new light on never-before-seen paintings such as “Sorrow” and “Vase of Poppies.”

“I am enthralled that the DIA has the opportunity to bring this incredible collection to Metro Detroit and Michiganders everywhere to experience these fantastic pieces of artwork,” Elliott Broom, COO of the DIA, said.

Albeit crowded, the respectful atmosphere of the exhibit carries through its halls as museum-goers take time to look at each painting thoughtfully, whether it be reading the informational plaques by each painting or listening to the free guided audio tour that is accessible to everyone.

“Surrounded by so many of Van Gogh’s works, I feel very special,” Denise Wilclx, a security guard working at the exhibit, said.

However, this exhibit is not just exciting for the people behind the scenes and Michiganders. People from all over the country are coming just to see Van Gogh’s displayed artwork, such as Tracy Morgenroth, who lives in southwestern Illinois.

“I’ve been a fan since I was fifteen years old,” Morgenroth said. “My mother raised me on it and I truly connect to his work.”

Museum goers take pictures, murmur and admire Van Gogh’s works at the DIA Van Gogh in America exhibit on Sunday, Oct. 16. (Margot Murphy ’23)

Tickets are $7 for ages 12-17, while for those 18 and up, tickets are $19. Those under 12;

however, can see the exhibit for free. After purchasing a ticket, it is highly recommended to print out the confirmation email and QR code in order to minimize long lines.

“Seeing things in person is just mind blowing,” visitor Robert Gilliam said. “Some just seem to glow.”

The DIA’s Van Gogh in America defines the pinnacle of his career, and as a popular artist, it’s no wonder why people from across the country are lining up to see the exhibit.

“This is the only place like this in the country,” Morgenroth said. “I’ve been to every place on earth where I can see Van Gogh, and this is such a treat.”