I owe it all to you, Grosse Pointe South

Sophia Fowler '22

Emmett O'Keefe, Staff Writer

Everyone has different high school experiences. Some kids love it, and some kids can’t wait until the day they get out of this place. I personally could not have asked for a better four years. I met some amazing people, accomplished things I never knew I could and had lots of fun.
One of my most memorable moments of high school was when I became president of Devil’s Den. In this position, one of my best friends and I got to run the student sections at most of the sports games. We were in charge of raising school spirit and getting everyone excited for all the games. It was extremely fun, but also took a lot of energy and excitement. Due to COVID, the majority of the kids in the student section had no idea what to do. Games often had a rough start, but by the end, the crowd was always excited and cheering.
Soccer has always been one of the biggest things in my life, but it especially came into play during highschool. I made varsity as a freshman, and from that point on, I really focused on my training at South. Then, I played in Birmingham in the off-season for highschool. I was dreading my senior year because I knew soccer would be coming to an end. I kept wondering what I would do with all my freetime once soccer was over. Our senior year, we didn’t start off amazing, but we all really worked together and became a team. We went all the way to the state semifinals, which is the farthest South Boys Soccer has ever gone. It was very sad knowing such a huge thing in my life had come to an end, but I couldn’t have thought of a better ending.
The first day I walked into highschool, I had no plan and was a totally different person then I am today. I am now planning on going to Miami of Ohio and majoring in business with a minor in finance. I also plan to maybe try playing club soccer at Miami to get back into the sport. I have a lot ahead of me, and it is all due to my four years of highschool at Grosse Pointe South. I want to thank the staff, the community and my family for supporting me and getting me to the place I am today.