Seniors leaving opens up new parking , free parking


Anthony Deluca '25, Staff Writer

With seniors graduating and leaving South in the coming weeks, underclassmen are left wondering what will happen to the parking spots.
Assistant principal Cynthia Parravano said the lot opens up as a first come, first serve basis and is open to all students until the end of the year.
“Students who have a license and insurance can park in the lot but will have to follow the rules,” Parravano said. “It’s a five mile an hour speed limit.”
Parravano stresses that juniors and sophomores who drive recklessly or break rules could get banned from getting a permit when they’re seniors.
Logan Wood ’23 said he’s undecided whether he will choose to park in the S-lot or save the opportunity for the following year.
“I am (interested), probably either the last two weeks of school or when I’m a senior,” Wood said.
Since Wood didn’t get his license until halfway through the year, free parking In the S-lot opens up an opportunity for him to start driving to school.
“I don’t park there because I didn’t have a license during sign-up and it’s usually not open for underclassmen.”
Joey Lemmon ‘23 already paid for a parking spot during the beginning of the year and is planning to keep things consistent for the last few weeks of school.
“I have a spot (that’s) already paid for,” Lemmon said. “(There’s) no reason to switch to parking in the S-lot.”
Whether or not students choose to park in the S-lot this year, next year’s driving seniors will have something to look forward to.
“We are looking into next year allowing students who purchase a full year parking permit to have the option to paint their space,” Parravano said. “We will probably be charging a fee for that as well and putting out some parameters, but opening that up (will be) something fun to do in the S-lot only.”
Many students were expecting Paravano to allow painted spots next year.
“I mean, there’s a lot of schools (that already let you paint your parking spots),” Lemmon said.
Free parking is exciting for all South students, but drivers must remember to be respectful on the road.
“We can take cars in tow if you’re not parking correctly,” Parravano said. “I would hope that we wouldn’t need to do that to anybody, but just make sure you’re following the rules that are established.”