Front lawn events planned to unite community


Thomas Caulfield '24, Guest Writer

The Champions for change all school inclusion event is to happen Tuesday, May 17. Come and bring your family, play some games, and interact with friends new and old. The Champions for change event is aimed to spread awareness for kids who struggle with learning and mental disabilities.
“The goal of this event is to get as many students as possible to interact with kids involved in our Peer To Peer club and special education classrooms,” Amanda Bungard said.
A guest speaker as well as lawn games such as cornhole and giant Jenga will be there to help interactions between kids go more smoothly. The guest speaker, Mr. Peace, is a local graduate of the University of Michigan and believes his sole purpose is to help others find their purpose.
“The event is really to spread kindness and awareness for inclusion,” Bungard said.
Making kids feel comfortable and safe interacting with others and spreading awareness for the need for human kindness is the reason for this event. Make sure to sign the pledge table, grab a scoop of ice cream, and enjoy the other fun activities.