The Goblin is gobble-worthy: New sushi restaurant Downtown does not disappoint

Caroline Peabody , Staff Writer

Scared of The Goblin? There’s no need to be…

If you love sushi and are looking for a new place to try, you are in luck, as a new restaurant in Detroit just popped up.

The Goblin has been getting some attention from customers and can be found on Instagram, advertising delicately made sushi in cute pictures. While they only advertise on Instagram, people cannot resist looking for places to get good sushi. The Goblin is right up their alley.

Entering the restaurant, patrons are met with a bright, airy and colorful environment, with an aesthetically pleasing interior overall. It is not formal and may be considered a family friendly place to eat but its interior design and layout seems targeted more towards teenagers who are looking for a calm place to study or hang out.

While the inside is relatively small, one can find more intimate seating along the window or seats at the sushi bar where customers can watch their food being made. There is also a casual seating area in the back, next to a large flatscreen TV, playing exclusively Asian-pop music videos. Other features of the restaurant that customers enjoy are the drink vending machine with a variety of milk soda, milk tea and regular tea beverages..

The menu includes over 30 different kinds of sushi rolls, seven sushi bowls,] and appetizing sides such as seaweed salad and miso soup. The most popular menu items are their Alaskan roll, Yellowtail and Scallion roll, Firecracker roll and the seaweed salad. Their menu also features two assortment trays, and a variety of Sake and other alcoholic beverages. If one decided that they love their food and the business itself enough,theyI could even purchase some of The Goblin’s merchandise, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts or hats.

Most of their menu items are a little pricey but I found it hard to complain after my filling meal. I tried the Firecracker roll, the Nigiri and some of the BBQ Eel roll. The Nigiri allowed me to get a sense of the good quality of seafood and was appetizing even though I didn’t care for the texture of the cuttlefish. The BBQ Eel roll had a nice flavor, even though it was still a relatively basic roll with eel, cucumber, avocado and the barbeque eel sauce. My favorite was the Firecracker roll, and it was evident how the delicious sushi earned its place in the most popular menu items. It had a savory combination of deep fried shrimp and cream cheese, topped with torched crab, spicy mayo and eel sauce.

It’s unfortunate that The Goblin is approximately 20-30 minutes away from Grosse Pointe, otherwise I would likely be there much more often. While their sushi menu has an impressive amount of choices, it is the only thing that they serve and some more variety of Asian cuisine would have to be found elsewhere. All things considered, it is the perfect place to unwind and treat yourself to good sushi and I would recommend visiting.