Worst parking at South captured on Instagram

Ella Pazuchowski '23, Staff Writer

Screenshot of the @worstgpsparking instagram account.

*The student in charge of the Instagram account wishes to remain anonymous

The bell just rang and you are walking out of school excited to go home. As you approach your car in the school parking lot, you notice that your vehicle is sandwiched in between two other cars.

This is only one example of irresponsible parking in the school lots. Many students have had issues with student parking, and one person is highlighting these blunders on the “GPS Worst Parking” Instagram.

The Instagram page posts student-submitted images of parking failures. The student behind the account created it because of personal experiences with reckless parking.

“I was getting frustrated with people who parked near me in the S lot,” Peter Parker* said. “[My car] was hit last year on the Boulevard, so I do have a kind of a short temper for bad drivers.”

According to Parker, the account was created for fun and games and they believe the account has created a positive atmosphere.

“It’s all in good fun and nothing is taken seriously,” Parker said. “I know we have one kid who is posted regularly by his friends…but he thinks it’s funny.”

Multiple students are featured on the account. Tommy Drawbaugh ’22 said he was not posted as an inattentive driver, but rather a victim of poor parking.

“It kind of brought a spotlight and made people realize their mistakes,” Drawbaugh said. “Since the account has shown some of the photos I haven’t had as much of a problem with getting out of my car and people parking really close.”

Drawbaugh said he believes the account relates to not specific individuals, but student driving as a whole.

“We definitely all can improve our parking,” Drawbaugh said. “Some of us might be really good at parking every morning but we all have those mornings where we are rushing really quickly, just trying to get into our spot.”

Even though Drawbaugh and Parker view the account in a positive manner, vice principal Cynthia Parravano views posting differently.

“I am never in favor of students posting things on social media to call other people out or to embarrass them,” Parravano said. “If there is a concern or an issue, the issue needs to be brought to our attention so we can do something about it.”

Parravano said that the school will have the block monitors watch the lot and leave notes on student cars which are parked incorrectly.

“Ultimately, if you can’t park correctly in a lot, then you can’t park in the lot,” Parravano said. “It is actually a privilege to park in the lot, so if you can’t park in the lot properly, then that privilege gets taken away.”

Parravano said she believes student attitudes have the strongest impact in preventing further parking problems.

“We need to do more things to lift each other up, rather than trying to bring each other down,” Parravano said. “I would ask everybody to please be responsible, park within the lines, and be considerate of other people who are parking in the lot.”