False facts and their fatal flaws: Why the COVID-19 vaccine is beneficial

The Tower Staff

With the federal government’s recent decision to approve booster shots for those 65+ and the immunocompromised, media platforms have become a hub for the spread of misinformation and opposition against the COVID-19 vaccination. Common beliefs range from the implantation of microchips to altered genetic material or even sterility of the sexes. These ideas often prevent those at risk from receiving the protection of the vaccine, as well as interfering with the idea of herd immunity in certain states. The dissent towards the steps taken to prevent the pandemic’s continuation, like the mask mandate and the COVID-19 vaccine, have created a divide in the country. With that being said, The Tower urges readers to get vaccinated and protect the better of our community.
Vaccine hesitancy is something that affects a wide range of people, from pharmacists and healthcare professionals to children with reluctant parents and guardians. Recently, celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Rob Schneider have been using their platforms to spew anti-vaccine propaganda and misinformation to their impressionable fans. This creates a false narrative on the internet and is a direct deterrent of the vaccination. Besides this, children unable to get vaccinated due to skeptical parents are aiding the Wayne County Health Department decision to require all students and staff to wear masks, and are prevented from participating in any sort of mask-less activity. For the state of Michigan, the mask policy allows businesses and schools the decision whether in-person customers are to wear masks. Most of the rules in place regarding masks favor vaccinated citizens, often allowing those who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to remain unmasked while inside.
Besides the negative effects on social life for those who choose not to get the vaccination, the risk for severe symptoms is dramatically increased. Ninety-nine percent of those who are hospitalized with COVID-19 aren’t vaccinated, and around two-thirds of those who are put on life-support due to COVID-19 don’t survive. The vaccination prevents unnecessary hospital visits and allows for far more freedom than the previous restrictions allowed.
According to the CDC, the vaccine works by giving your immune system certain stimulations to the virus, similar to what would happen if exposed. This causes antibodies to form, which adds an extra layer of protection and certain immunity to those vaccinated. With the vaccine’s availability all over the United States and its approval by health officials, any reasoning against receiving your first dose is solely based on personal opinion and is selfish in the sense of keeping our society as a whole safe. Roughly 55 percent of the country has received both doses of the vaccine and there is still a ways to go to prevent further spread of the virus and progress forward to a healthy, functioning society.