“Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas” does not disappoint


“Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas” is a great watch on Netflix for this holiday season.

Bridget Doyle '21, Copy Editor

With the Christmas holiday season right around the corner, Netflix has released season one of its new Christmas-themed original, “Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas.” This series, which consists of four episodes, follows Mr. Christmas as he receives and reads letters from families across the country asking for his help decorating their homes for the holidays.

After visiting each family’s home, Mr. Christmas rounds up his team of “elves” to help decorate the houses. These decorations vary from trees to tinsel to lights throughout the episodes, and they do not fail to impress. We even see a Hannakuh-themed house during episode four.

Although I wouldn’t consider myself the most festive person, I found this series entertaining, as I felt excitedly anticipated to witness the “big reveal” of Mr. Christmas switching the lights on at the end of each episode. However, the show started to feel repetitive towards the end, and I think more than four episodes would have been more than necessary.

One of my favorite aspects about the show was the interactiveness provided from the show to the viewers. “Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas” offers a “Holiday How-To” section at the end of each episode where watches can complete do-it-yourself tasks to involve themselves and learn more about decorating for holidays. I thought this was a nice way to separate each episode and provide more variety.

Because this first season solely focused on overwhelmingly large houses, I hope the next season adds more types of homes, such as apartments and condos. I think by decorating more homes, the show will be more diverse and interesting, and each episode will serve as a surprise for viewers.

“Holiday Home Makeover” serves as a great show to watch around the holiday season. If you’re looking for a family-friendly series to watch during Christmas break, I’d highly recommend this show to watch with family and friends. You can find “Holiday Home Makeover” under the “Netflix originals” section.