Emily in Paris review


Keely Messacar and Morgan Skaff

With finishing the show in less than 48 hours, the cheesy Netflix Original rom-com “Emily in Paris” was an engaging and entertaining time filler. The show came out on Netflix on Oct. 2 2020. The show starts in Chicago, but takes place in Paris, a beautiful modern setting. The show is a bit risky at some points, but really emphasizes the romance and freedom Emily has in Paris. Although the show is pretty predictable, it is still an entertaining watch. The main character Emily is played by Lily Collins, her potential love interest and neighbor Gabriel is played by Lucas Bravo and her boss Sylvie is played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.

It was inspiring to see how Emily moved away from everything she knew to start a complete new life in a country hours away from her home. She was confident in herself and excited for what was to come in her city. She faces many work obstacles as well as relationship obstacles and stands up for herself and her values amongst the pressures on conforming to her society’s normalities.

The modern Paris culture was brought to life through the day-to-day adventures Emily goes though. The established Paris company Emily transferred to was not looking for change– she found this to be a common theme with the french culture. With not being able to speak French, Emily is mocked by all of her coworkers. The show definitely portrays the stereotype of the french being rude to Americans and tourists and Emily gets the worst of it.

Another theme throughout the show was the growth of Emily’s social media. Her instagram @emilyinparis blows up throughout her time there, allowing her to become an influencer and showing her women empowerment online. Although the French did mock her for being an influencer, staying true to herself ended up benefiting not only herself but the company as well.

What really kept us on our toes was Emily’s love life, starting with a long-distance, rude boyfriend and ending in a web of relationships in the city of love. The show did lack originality as Emily met a neighbor the first episode and it was fairly obvious she would pursue him. We hope for a second season to find out who she ends up with and how her job moves forward as she adapts to the French culture. We would give this one-season show a 4.5/5 stars. We recommend this show to anyone who loves romantic comedies or chick flicks.