Fall sports recap


Zach Farrell '21

The Varsity football team holds a record of 3-2 in the MAC Red heading into a matchup with the rival Norsemen.

Cam Buhler '21, Staff Writer

With fall sports approaching the end of their seasons, let’s take this time to recap the highlights of each team.

Starting with Varsity Football, with a current record of 3-1. This season has definitely been different for the boys. They went from starting practices in the summer, to having their season cancelled, then returning to play in a matter of weeks.

Next, Boys Varsity Tennis who just became regional champions. According to team captain William Sine ’21, the win felt very rewarding especially after such a strange season.

“It’s been a weird year, but winning regionals was definitely a great reward,” Sine said.

Varsity Field Hockey has had a solid season. The girls broke their losing streak to Liggett and have played competitively all season.

Girls Varsity Golf and both varsity cross country teams have had a strong year. Both sports have won several matches and continue to play competitively.

Boys Varsity Soccer has started their season with a current record of 5-5-1. According to Ian Foy ’21 this season has been fun, but not as much as he imagined in the past.

“I was really looking forward to an incredible senior season filled with fans,” Foy said. “It sucks not being able to have that, but at least I have the opportunity to play unlike the spring sports last year.”

Varsity Volleyball has had a season full of wins. According to Emily Crane ’21, even with all the regulations, she is happy to be playing.

“It’s not fun having to wear a mask while playing, and I really miss fans in the crowd, but it could be much worse so I’ll take what we have,” Crane said.

As the teams reach the end of this strange season, one thing is certain. This year in sports will forever be a part of our history.