Golf course openings help with cabin fever


Jackson Marchal '21

With the opening of golf courses in the area, people can now start to get back to an activity outside of the house.

Jackson Marchal '21, Assistant Business Manager

Restrictions on golfing during quarantine were lifted April 24. Since then, tee-times have been completely booked for three consecutive days. The controversy is whether this could make the coronavirus situation worse. In my opinion, it has no effect.

There are possible risks of getting too close to partners and touching the same rakes or flag poles. Even in these scenarios, golf still seems like the safest sport that one can play during the quarantine.

Contrary to sports like basketball, golf players can contend with no physical contact. Additionally, the maximum number of people you can play with is four, and equipment is not shared between anyone.

Clubs around the community are doing an enormous amount to take precautions as well. The tee-times are strictly spread out twenty minutes apart from each other. And just in case members “forget” about the six-feet apart rule, there is staff at tee-boxes to facilitate and remind them.

The opening of the golf courses is part of a bigger story. Sooner or later, the quarantine will have to end. We can’t be cooped up in our homes and isolate from the people we love forever, especially as the weather gets nicer. That is why golf is a great transition into everyday life. It offers the chance to interact with the people you’ve missed, but also stay a safe distance away at the same time.

I think that with something to do, people will be more accepting, even if the quarantine gets pushed a little longer. It is a mentally challenging game that keeps players engaged. In other words, having golf will make the quarantine much more doable.

In fact, I would encourage people to get out and golf if they have access to a course. It might even be a safer alternative than taking a walk with a friend. Chances are, players are more spread out than walkers would be on a sidewalk.

We still have some time before the quarantine ends. In order to keep people sane, it is a good thing that the golf courses opened. Not only do I think it will help ease stress and benefit mental health, it will be the beginning of the transition we need into normal life.