Apple Music is more compatible than Spotify

Olivia Bullington '21, Page Editor

The big debate of Spotify or Apple Music has been going on for a couple of years now. Spotify and Apple Music have offered different features throughout the years, and many people have switched over and with many different opinions.

Throughout my life, I have always used Apple Music. I once tried to use Spotify, and I genuinely couldn’t figure it out– I even paid for the premium option. I really did try, and there were some Spotify features I liked, but there was always a much better (and similar) version on Apple Music.

I also really enjoy the fact that Apple Music is already on your phone, and when it’s downloaded, it always works. The only time you can’t use it is if you didn’t pay the bill, which is fair in all cases. It comes with a free month to try it out, and if you have Verizon, you can get Apple Music for free for six months.

The one thing that makes people dislike Apple Music is the fact that you can only have it on Apple phones– if you have an Android, you can’t have Apple music, but you can have Spotify. However, I like the fact that Apple Music is quite exclusive to iPhone and Mac users. Androids do have their own version of this, called Google Play music.

Apple Music downloads to your phone so easily. You hit a button and the music automatically downloads, for you to use anywhere you decide to go. Apple Music is so convenient to your phone and your everyday life.
The social part of Apple Music is what I truly enjoy. When using Apple Music and following your friends, you can easily see what playlist or song any specific friend is listening to.

Apple Music also makes a playlist based on what you like and what your friends are listening to at the moment, which I think is pretty cool. It’s a lot more personalized to me and what music I like, and I didn’t find that with Spotify. I, honestly, thought that Spotify put you in a box with everyone else that listened to that same artist and based you off of that.

Although everyone has their own opinions on each, I believe my opinion is valid. Each music streaming service has been around for a while and has their own special features, and usually, that’s what makes some go in different directions. At the end of the day, as long as I’m listening to my favorite songs, everything else really doesn’t matter.