Opinion: Bloomberg learns that money can’t buy everything

Kyle Harrison ’21, Staff Writer

Graphic by Kyle Harrison ’21

Throughout these nail-biting debates to see which presidential candidate will be representing the Democratic Party, Mike Bloomberg dropped out at the last minute after a riveting debate with fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren.
Bloomberg ended his presidential campaign on March 4, but many say his campaign was over after Warren demolished him on the debate stage. The ninth Democratic debate was the first one during which Bloomberg spent over 400 million dollars in an attempt to gain national points. During the Las Vegas debate on Feb. 19, Warren targeted Bloomberg from the very beginning, while ignoring comments from the commentators.
Warren started off by bringing Bloomberg down in his regards to how he talks about women and how he inherently disrespects and humiliates them. Warren repeatedly attacked Bloomberg while recklessly embarrassing him throughout the debate. Notably, Warren mercilessly compared him to the opposing Republican presidential candidate, President Trump, as they are both billionaires who self-promoted themselves during their campaigns.
In response to Warren’s comments on Bloomberg’s sexism, other candidates followed suit and began to harass Bloomberg on his previous conflicts with women. This resulted in Bloomberg resolving in a never ending time loop of humiliation. The debate stage was the deathbed of Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.
In the days following the Democratic debate, Bloomberg had little to no polling traction, except from Florida and Tennessee. Yet, he was to never recover from the debate in Los Angeles. After the slaughter Warren performed on Bloomberg, the rest remained downhill from there, as voters turned their head towards other potential candidates. Bloomberg was met with protest wherever he went and most turned their back on him after Warren exposed him for his disrespectful behavior towards women.
In the days following Super Tuesday, Bloomberg realized he had lost most, if not all, of his support and dropped out the following day. In the end, Mayor Bloomberg spent 500 million dollars on his presidential campaign and ultimately ended it all over a debate.
Although Warren ended up dropping out of the race as well, she went out with a bang, taking down another opponent with her. Although Warren will not be representing the Democratic Party, she had a major impact on the Democratic debates, as well as on the candidates in the running.