Opinion: New film, “Knives Out”, mixes comedy and mystery in a perfect way


Olivia Buda '22, Staff writer

The movie “Knives Out” is a film full of entertainment, mystery, and twists that were captivating and amusing. The story begins with Harlem Thompson, a very successful and wealthy book writer found dead. His housekeeper known as Fran finds him with a slit throat and knife still in hand. It looks like a suicide, but a few cops come to the estate to investigate and dig further, all members of the family are then questioned. At this point everyone is a suspect. One of the most important characters, Marta being Harlem’s personal assistant, caretaker, and most trusted confidante knowing so much about him becomes a huge help to Detective Benoit Blanc in solving the case.
I walked into the movie not knowing what to expect, but then left the movie telling everyone to go see it. The plot was intriguing and kept me guessing the whole 2 hours. The characters were all great actors and I was able to quickly get to know the personalities of the family which made it easy to love and connect with the story. The movie takes many twist and turns and when you think you have it figured out they solve the case and it all comes together so unexpectedly but perfect. The scenes were mysterious, sometimes a little emotional, and surprisingly funny. It was enriched with jealousy, greed, lies, and suspense, which made it so much more dramatic and entertaining.
The main setting of the story was the Thompson Estate which was nothing short of beautiful and detailed. Every room set a different mood, and of course was decked in the highest decor. The estate was elegant and fancy which made the story even more visually appealing and grabbing. As the scenes showed more and more of the house, I started to feel like I was living there myself. You started to get a feel for the family and the way Harlem lived. The video quality was top notch and the camera angles displayed helped get the full picture.
Overall this movie was the bomb. It honestly could easily be in the top 5 of my favorite movies, I could totally watch it again and be just as satisfied. If you like murder mysteries I would super recommend you go see it in theaters or watch it on demand when it comes out in Feburary.