Opinion: Cons of New Year’s resolutions

Hope Whitney '21 and Bridget Doyle '21, Page Editor and Copy Editor

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New Year’s resolutions– everyone makes them, but does anyone really follow them? I know I don’t. Every year I have a new resolution– eat healthy, be more positive, go to the gym more, etc. Each more unrealistic than the next.

While I would like to accomplish those things and I am fully capable of doing so, simply claiming I have a resolution does not always result in me accomplishing my goals. Saying at the beginning of the year that I am going to accomplish these goals does nothing for me besides feeling even worse about myself at the end of the year when I haven’t changed. Simply because I failed my New Year’s Resolution, I should not beat myself up.

In my opinion, New Year’s resolutions result in people setting realistic expectations and goals. This results in a lack of self confidence, especially when those goals aren’t achieved. Instead of making new goals for ourselves, we should really reflect on the past year and ask ourselves what we want to improve on overall. We should not solely rely on a New Year’s Resolution to become a better person.

Every year, my dad does this. During the holidays, when my family and I are all together, there is bound to be a point when my dad does a deep sigh followed by him saying “So what do you all take away from this year?” in a ‘philosophical’ voice. Usually I just make up something superficial and random, but I want to work on really processing that question and coming up with real answers. “If this year wasn’t the best for me, why is that?” “What can I do next year to make it better than the last?”

Another thing I might say to myself, midway through the year after I have failed is “well it’s too late to start now.” This is an absurd accusation. Why wait until January 1st to make a change that you desire. If you want it, get it. The new year honestly does not have a big impact on me. I do not view the new year as a ‘clean slate’, to me, it is simply just a new date.