Hip vibes and tasty selections on the edge of Corktown

Asher Heimbuch '22, Web Editor

Festive lights sets a welcoming tone to diners at Mudgie’s. Photo by Asher Heimbuch ’22.

Corktown in Detroit usually evokes thoughts of hotdogs and peanuts at a Tigers game. However, a place just off Michigan Avenue can also mean a great deli sandwich. Since 2008, Mudgie’s Deli has been serving both familiar and unusual sandwiches to those who stop by to eat.

I visited Mudgie’s with my family on a Saturday afternoon to check out their highly rated menu of sandwiches. It was formerly a house in a small Irish neighborhood of Downtown Detroit. It definitely has a laid back and cool vibe inside. The sandwich list was long, and it took a while for all of us to decide what to order.

When our orders arrived, we all sampled each other’s sandwiches. My dad ordered the “Mudgie,” which has roasted turkey, beef brisket and a veggie cream cheese. My older brother had the hands down favorite at our table – the “Brooklyn.” A house smoked beef brisket with bacon, beer cheese and caramelized maple onions on a kaiser roll. The brisket was rich and juicy and the cheese and bacon gave it saltiness. It was a little messy to eat and definitely not low in calories.

For my meal, I ordered the Congress, which was a contrast in flavors. On one hand, the provolone cheese and grilled bologna made it savory, and on the other, the sharp red onion and garlic mayo gave the sandwich a tangy kick. It was a very interesting sandwich, but some might argue that it’s not worth the menu price at $12. Mudgie’s sandwiches are really varied and interesting, and the ingredients were of very high quality. However, they only come with a dill pickle and the prices are higher than what South students might be willing to pay. My biggest complaint with Mudgie’s is that the portions are not that big, other than the big dill pickle on the side. Some might argue that what you’re paying for is location and atmosphere as well, which is a legitimate argument. Mudgie’s is located in historic Corktown, and the interior has a lot of character.

Even though my visit was on a cold winter day, I could tell that the outside dining area had a lot of charm and authenticity. In the spring and summer months, it looked like the place to be. Mudgie’s offers many options with a menu full of sandwiches and the choice of brunch on the weekends. The sandwiches were the obvious highlight of the experience, and I would definitely go back once the weather gets nicer.