Opinion: Year-round school benefits all

Kyle Harrison ’21, Staff Writer

Infographic by Kyle Harrison ’21.

School year-round should happen in Grosse Pointe because it would put the students, as well as the faculty, under less stress. School year-round also would help students because then they would have to do a month of review each year and could just continue with the topic they were learning in class at the time. To compensate for summer break, in my opinion, there should be scattered breaks throughout the school year.
Year-round school is also beneficial for parents, who would be able to work year-round, and not have to worry about watching their children during the day if they were younger. Also, it would help parents around the country who have a low-income rate. School year-round, according to screenflex.com, benefits both parents of students and also teachers due to the fact that they get to work year-round.
In my opinion, summer break does nothing but hurt a student’s academic intelligence due to the fact that they lose so much information in those three months with no school. This unfortunately causes teachers to re-teach necessary information for the year. With year-round school, there would be nothing that the teacher would have to review because you would have already learned it previously in the year.
In order to compensate for summer break, there would be scattered breaks throughout the year. The breaks to me would have to be spread out from each other so it does not interfere with assessments and final exams. Breaks can be helpful but a break to the extent of three months it is too long and your brain drains information, according to screeflex.com.
The school year-round would make it much easier on the teacher so they would have less of a time restriction and it would be easier for the students to prepare for finals and assessments in their class. It would be much easier for teachers to be able to teach and get across their point if they had more time and did not feel a restriction. I feel as though if we have school year-round teachers and students would feel much more comfortable since they would not be under so much pressure with a shorter schedule.
I believe in general that school year-round would be a great idea and that it can mainly only give off positives. During the three months that we lose during summer break, we lose a lot of the material that we learned throughout the year. Year-long school would just overall improve students’ and staff’s lives.