Science Olympiad to start bagel sales Friday mornings

Elizabeth Wolfe '20, Print Associate Editor

Science Olympiad will be selling bagels every Friday morning for the rest of the year in order to raise money for the club’s expenses, according to adviser Shelley Rothenbuhler. The profits raised from the sales will go towards competitions, tournaments and any additional costs they may experience. 

“There’s lots of things that we would be able to spend that bagel money on,” Rothenbuhler said.

According to Rothenbuhler, the club has over $1,000 in entry fees for various tournaments they need to pay for. They’ve also been generating a list of materials they need for tournaments, which is still growing. The sales will also help cover little things the club must take into account as they prepare and head to these competitions.

“We would like to do our first tournament, which is out by Kalamazoo, so we would have to get a hotel for (the club members),” Rothenbuhler said.