Opinion: iPhone 11 is not worth the steep price


The iPhone 11 offers a larger screen, improved camera, and a variety of colors, but also includes an extra $250 to purchase.

Jackson Marchal '21, Business Manager

Apple released its latest technology to the public on September 20: the iPhone 11. It came with upgraded cameras, displays, software and new colors. Some people are upgrading to the iPhone 11 because they truly think that the spec improvements are worth getting a new phone, but in my opinion, the iPhone 8 which was released two years earlier is a better buy.

The camera on the iPhone 11 altered the device in an innovatively aesthetic way. To be frank, the 11 beats the 8 when it comes to taking photos. It has a dual camera system which has night mode and true depth functions built in. The face camera also has face ID and slow motion. When it comes to pixelation, the 11 has twelve megapixels and the 8 only has seven. 

The price of the phone varies by amount of gigabytes you buy. According to Apple, the 64 GB is $699, and is the option you should choose if you are on a budget or don’t need that much storage. To step it up, you have the 128 GB for $749 or the 256 GB for $849 if you plan on storing monumental numbers of photos, games, etc. Thankfully, Apple still sells the iPhone 8, which can hold the same amount of storage for much lower prices. You can get the 64 GB option for $449 ($250 cheaper than the 11) or the 128 GB option for $499 with the same price difference. This deviation of $250 in price is what you’re paying for the upgraded qualities of the phone.

The display caliber is another component that people should look for before purchasing a phone. The iPhone 11 has a “Liquid Retina Display” on a 6.1 inch screen with 326 pixels per inch. The iPhone 8 has a relatively smaller screen which measures to 4.7 inches but also has 326 pixels per inch. Paying an extra $250, the iPhone 11 should have more pixels per inch than the 8. 

The phone comes in six colors, following a pastel theme with yellow, green, purple, red and black and white for the monochrome lovers. The selection is vibrant and is obviously marketed towards the youth. Although the colors are viewed as fun, Apple should have come up with iPhone 11s for people who want neutral colors that are less outgoing. The iPhone 8 has the solution to this, supplying silver, space gray and gold.

Buying the iPhone 8 may make you feel out of fashion and behind the age. It has a smaller screen, less advanced camera and doesn’t come with bragging rights of owning the newest Apple product, but to me, spending an extra $250 on these features is unsuitable. With the iPhone 8, you get the same amount of storage, the same amount of megapixels per inch, neutral colors and the same software for a cheaper price.