Starting the year on a high note


Nina Simon

The 2019 Grosse Pointe South choir won Nationals this year after a great performance.

Nina Simon, Page editor

The award-winning Grosse Pointe South Choir will kick off this year’s season at their annual Fall Follies concert on Friday, Oct. 12 and Saturday, Oct. 13. The shows will begin at 7 p.m. at the Christian A. Fenton Performing Arts Center at Grosse Pointe North High School. Tickets can be bought online or at the door, ranging in price from $9 to $15.


South’s four choirs will each perform a variety of specially-arranged music under the leadership of director Christopher Pratt. The music list includes pieces the choirs have been rehearsing for months.


“We began our preparation at That’s Entertainment in August, where we do our week-long intensive,” Pratt said. “Many of the pieces we do there carry over (to Fall Follies), then we learn more once school starts.” 


According to Pratt, “follies” is a term used to describe a variety show with all different types of music. One piece in the upcoming show is focused on social justice and change. 


“I really like a piece called ‘Stand Up and Make a Change,’” Pratt said. “It’s done with a video and the choirs stand in front of the projector and sing it. I like the message behind it.”


Pratt emphasizes that South has a lot to be proud of in their unique show choir and high-achieving musical students. 


“We’re the only competitive show choir in the entire state, and the Pointe Singers won the national competition last year,” Pratt said. “Our program is way better than in a lot of schools.”


South students make up a dedicated fan base for the choirs. Choir supporter Daphne Irby ’21 is eager to see the choirs’ latest work at the upcoming Fall Follies show.


“I’m really excited to see all the cool dance moves and routines that they have in the different choirs,” Irby said.


Irby, who has been in an out-of-school choir since childhood, respects the effort that South choir students have to put into shows. 


“I’m in a different choir, so I understand the work and practice that goes into each performance,” Irby said.


Cate Christinidis ‘20 has been with the South choir all four years of high school. She stresses the significance of music in many aspects of intellectual growth in school.


“I think the arts are a really important thing to support because they’re not funded as well as other programs are,” Christinidis said. “They contribute a lot to your ability to communicate, understand, and be emotionally connected.”


According to Christinidis, Fall Follies is the seniors’ last first show of the year. She highlights the interesting feeling of performing for the community during this annual concert.


“Doing the actual performance is really unique because you get the audience’s reaction, which feels really good afterwards,” Christinidis said. “I just look forward to getting that chance to perform again on stage.”