My View: how the abortion ban can be detrimental to women’s health

Ally Bearman '20, Staff Writer

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One step forward, and two steps back for women’s rights as Ohio and Alabama pass new laws banning legal abortions. An 11 year old rape victim from Ohio who is being forced to keep her baby has sparked national tension on social media. This case, and many others moving forward, are being handled the wrong way.

The first reason why I am proud to be pro-choice is because every woman should have the right to have full control over their own body. According to, a fetus has not developed their nervous system until the third trimester of pregnancy. I believe that whether it be a case of rape or accidental impregnation, the law should not be able to decide this enormous factor in someone’s life, especially if men are making said laws. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance of the pregnancy is, it’s no one’s business except for the mother and father of the baby.

Next, the passing of pro-life laws is dangerous for woman of the future and the babies in which they’re being forced to have. Abortion banning laws will never stop women from having them, but only increase unsafe means of terminating their baby. This can be detrimental for the woman’s health, given the measures a homemade abortion would entail. As for the babies, according to, children born from teen mothers are more likely to have birth defects and live in poverty, and a large amount of abortions are teenagers. Why should we force these unborn and unknowing children to have such a disadvantage in society?

Finally, we are going backwards in time. In 1973, the Roe v Wade case forced the U.S Supreme Court to provide a “Right to privacy” for women who wish to have an abortion. This was not even 50 years ago, and modern government figures have already taken our right away. History is taught in order to prevent past mistakes from reoccurring, and this is a prime example of a problem which is making a return for no reason. This issue has clearly already been reviewed once and solved by legalizing abortions.

I’m no expert on politics nor modern medicine, but I do know that women should be able to decide their life path for themselves. I personally would never get an abortion, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have respect for those who do.


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