WVU Bound

South Senior discusses her plans to study forensic science at West Virginia University in hopes to join the FBI


Gwyn Tiderington '19 smiles for decision day. Tiderington will not only study forensic science but will also play field hockey at West Virginia University. Photo by Frannie O'Shea '21.

Frannie O'Shea '21, Staff Writer

For a lot of seniors, Michigan State, Indiana University, University of Michigan and so many more close colleges are the right fit for them. However Gwyn Tiderington ’19, chose West Virginia University as her new home away from home to fulfill her dreams of one day becoming a member  of the FBI.

According to Tiderington, she had known that she wanted to go out of state for college, but she wasn’t certain where that was going to be.

“Out of every school I went to tour, it was the only one that when I stepped on campus I knew I could see myself there,” Tiderington  said. “It also helped that they gave me lots in scholarship money along with having the program I wanted to study in.”

According to Tiderington, deciding where to go for college definitely had a lot to do with what she wanted to go into.

“I knew I wanted to work for the FBI when I am older as well as do something with forensic science,” Tiderington said. “Since WVU is directly tied with the FBI and has built their program specifically for that, it just felt right.”

Along with majoring in forensic chemistry, she hopes to minor in sociology and has decided that she will be playing club field hockey at WVU.

According to Tiderington, she is most excited to experience the new state and see what the next chapter in her life has to hold for her.

“I’m excited for going to the football games and rushing (for sororities) like the typical college stuff, but I’m really excited to see a whole new part of the country along with meeting a ton of new friends,” Tiderington said.