Basketball student manager reminisces on the past four years on the team

Keegan Spitz '20, Staff Writer

There has not been a student manager position open for the boys Varsity Basketball team in four years because John Weglarz has spent his years at South in that position.

“Each year I have the opportunity to go through the ups and downs of the season with a stellar group of guys and personalities,” Weglarz said.

Weglarz, taking the role as a freshmen, was the youngest player involved in the program.  As a result, the upperclassmen players showed him the ropes.

“I have very fond memories of my first two years, and because [the players] were older than me, they took me under their wings,” Weglarz said. “They could have ignored me or been aloof, but instead, they were impressed with my passion for the game and willingness to help out. I still keep in touch with many of the guys that graduated before me, and I will cherish the memories.”

According to Weglarz, he was scouting to be the next student manager when he was in eighth grade.

There are a lot of different roles that the student manager does to help out the team, and Weglarz has embraced every one.

“As manager, my roles are to support the coaching staff and players by running the clock at practice, helping with drills, and being the best dressed guy on the team on game days,” Weglarz said. “This year, I am also the team cameraman at all the games.”

Weglarz also goes above and beyond and does a lot more than what the position implies.

“I am at every practice, film, and game,” Weglarz said. “I ride on the bus to away games with the team. Coach Glasser has given me a lot of leeway to participate in quite a few drills, and when the team runs, I run. I do not like to sit idly on the sidelines.”

There is a lot of pride that takes place in being a part of South’s basketball program, and Weglarz definitely recognizes that.

“It is a special sport and program to be a part of,” Weglarz said. “Each year, the team has a unique chemistry, and that is refreshing.”