Iggy’s Impresses: New downtown diner serves up a great breakfast

Photo by John Kirtley '19

Photo by John Kirtley '19

John Kirtley '19, Staff Writer

At the epicenter of the Detroit, evolution lies Campus Martius, Midtown, and Capitol Park.

Capitol Park is home to a variety of venues such as Cannelle Patisserie, Prime + Proper, Eatori. Now there’s a new kid on the block, and they’re sporting a unique personality.

Iggy’s Eggies, a catch-all breakfast joint with a  walk-up window, has branched off their parent restaurant, Lovers Only. The simplistic process of walking up to the window and quickly receiving your food for a low price is my favorite aspect of it. This system puts the idea of grabbing a small breakfast before work into action. The given intention behind this is to cater to the busy individuals of Detroit– especially the construction crews manning the Hudson Site Development Site across the street on Woodward until 2023.

The food at Iggy’s is finely crafted at the core– it offers the basics in the breakfast sandwich world. It’s a simple sandwich made with good ingredients with all the things you’re looking for on your morning commute.

Iggy’s offers breakfast sandwiches on brioche, biscuits or english muffins. Customers then choose from cheddar, Swiss or American cheese as well as bacon, sausage and many other meat options. You can also go with something lighter, such as granola and other on-the-go snacks. Paired with the sandwich, you can grab a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice – or a coffee from Coffeehaus, a locally owned Grosse Pointe coffee roaster.

“It’s literally the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had,” Wayne State student Daniel Kluck said. The whole idea of quick, and cheap food is just my favorite thing ever. I’ve been visiting this place ever since it opened, and regularly come here before class at Wayne State,” Kluck said.

The very apparent adoration for this simple breakfast window is shown by the support from its customers and the owners. They provide heaters outside of the shop and hand out free coffee on cold mornings.  The atmosphere really makes you feel like you’re at home when getting your food from Iggy’s.

You can expect some unique options from Iggy’s when you ’re heading downtown any morning. Even if you’re the plain-Jane, no fuss type of person, Iggy’s has you covered. In my opinion, Iggy’s is a great addition to a fast-paced and rapidly developing city.