The inside scoop on Mr. Blue Devil


Mia Turco

Mr. Blue Devil, Sean Gates '19.

Jacqui Mercier '19, Social Media Manager

Born on January 9th 2001.  A professional orange juice chugger. A gymnastics prodigy. Mr. Blue Devil 2019 is Sean Gates.

On the night of Tuesday January 29th, Gates highlighted his abilities which included the splits, a lip sync to Kung Fu Fighting and he shared his best pick up line, in which Gates simply picked up a lime.

“I got asked (to compete) and I didn’t see any reason not to, it seemed like a chance to have fun on stage and that’s what I love to do,” Gates ’19 said.

Sean Gates said he spends his time outside of school acting which explains his great comfort on stage. He relaxed on stage which he said is often the opposite of what the experience for most people.

“There’s something freeing about all eyes being on me,” Gates said.

Aside from acting, Gates said he enjoys spending time with friends, occasionally reading and sleeping.

“One time I slept 26 hours straight; I’m getting really good at it,” Gates said.

Gates is known by his classmates and teachers for his sense of humor. He claims his talent of chugging orange juice while in the splits was inspired by his third hour AP Literature class where he started chugging water before the class and continued to see how far he could get.

“I say things that I think are stupid and then people laugh, so I just keep saying stupid things,” Gates said.

Gates said he that he learned of his ability to do the splits as part of a joke his freshman year.

“My friends were all like “Oh I’m going to be able to do the splits and it’s going to impress everyone,” Gates said. “And I was like, ‘let’s see if I can do the splits’, and I went down and I could do the splits with absolutely no training or preparation, it’s kind of a miracle.” 

After making it into the final three at the Mr. Blue Devil competition Gates said he was faced with the impromptu question portion of the competition during which he was asked “What is happiness?”

“That’s something I ask myself as I internally monologue when I can’t fall asleep and it’s 3 in the morning,” Gates said “Definitely not something I’d expect to be asked in-front of a couple hundred people.”