Smile and wave; Mr. Blue Devil competition draws large crowd during charity week

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

“Girl are you a parking ticket because you have fine written all over you” David Petrouleas ’19, Mr. Blue Devil contestant said.“Number 11 is the stickball special…13 is the original italian,” Jack Coyle ’19, Mr. Blue Devil contestant said. Those who ventured to the auditorium last Tuesday, January 29, witnessed pick-up lines, special talents and more being delivered at the annual school pageant which showcases a range of wit, humor and talents the senior guys have to offer.

Mr. Blue Devil, which is put on by student association, begins with all contestants being introduced to the audience where they hope to woo the crowd with their charm through their formal wear, respond to interview question presented by teacher judges.his years judges were Mr. Palen, Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Lulis,and the pick up line they say to their escort, according to committee member Tori Potter ’19.

“The guys were chosen by our committee chairs, they either asked them or the approached them and expressed interest in being in the event,” Potter said.

The evening events mimicked a normal beauty pageant as the guys competed in formal wear, talent and answered interview questions, but after the talent portion contestants ran through the isles collecting monetary donations in buckets which was then donated to charity Potter said.

“I had a great first experience full of laughter and smiles,” audience member Jack Michaud ’21 said. “And it made me feel even better knowing the proceeds would be donated to the charity Operation Backpack.”

Many  attended the event for their first time despite not being the first year the event occured. However, the fun and lighthearted environment consisting of wacky remarks and unusual talents left the audience with cheek to cheek smiles and plenty of laughter according to Michaud.

“My favorite part of the competition was the talent portion, because that’s what I felt went the best and the crowd enjoyed the most,” contestant Noah Eckert ’19 said.

Different approaches were taken during the talent portion some were more structured than others;  contestant Sean Gates went into the splits and simultaneously chugged a container of orange juice while Adam Ebenhoeh played a popular song on his recorder, according to Eckert.