Trader Joe’s foods to fall over this season

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Web Manager

Spiced Cider:

This is my favorite fall drink and one of my favorite drinks from Trader Joes. The spiced cider from Trader Joes is a nice fall drink that has a unique taste and in my opinion is better than some of the other ciders that you can find at other stores during the fall season. This drink has good flavor served cold or heated up. I like this cider because it is delicious either way you drink it hot or cold. This is my favorite fall drink because it goes with donuts, apples, and even just plain by itself.




Pumpkin Bagels:

I was excited when I saw these at Trader Joes because I have never seen pumpkin bagels before. I tried these for the first time and I thought that they were actually pretty good and had a good flavor.These bagels go good with plain cream cheese or if you are feeling a little more in the fall spirit you can have it with a pumpkin cream cheese spread. These bagels are a good snack for after school or for breakfast.





Maple Leaf Cookies:

These are one of my favorite cookies that Trader Joe’s has. I love the shape of these cookies because they resemble a cute little leaf. These cookies are good not just because of the fun and adorable shape but because of the creamy filling that is between the two cookies. These cookies are especially good if you have them with apple cider or milk. These cookies would be good to bring to a friends





Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins:

I thought these little orange pumpkins were adorable the first time I saw them at Trader Joes. I tried them for the first time and I thought that they were pretty good and had a delicious flavor.  I liked that the size of them and the fact that they were small. This was nice because when you ate one it was just enough and the chocolate flavor was not too overpowering or too rich and did not ruin the little treat. These little chocolate treats would be good to bring as a desert to a party or gathering.