Sensational potatoes

Mary Fannon '21, Copy Writer

A plume of fall memories, cider and donuts walks your way and greets you at the door of Sweet Potato Sensations. The warm and comforting scent draws you closer to the long array of pastries waiting for you to get your hands on. There are too many options to choose from you don’t know what to pick. Thankfully, I received help from Cam, an employee at Sweet Potato Sensations. After their suggestions, I chose the following tarts; Lemon, Sweet Potato, Pecan, and Coconut.

Each pie comes in a personalized small tartlet and with a price of $3.50 per pie makes for an affordable small treat. After sitting down at a table, I quickly discovered that the first pie that I tasted was my favorite. The lemon pie. The soft center and a crunchy crust satisfied every bit of my sweet tooth. I highly recommend this pie!

I couldn’t try another dessert before tasting the notorious sweet potato pie. Having never tried a sweet potato pie, I didn’t know what quite to expect. After sinking my teeth into the sweet yet savory treat, I instantly fell in love, the cross between a pumpkin and nutmeg was a delight. You can easily taste and see that this pie is made with natural products due to the texture and flavor.

Just when I thought that this dessert excursion couldn’t get any better, I attempted the pecan miniature pie. I usually hate pecan pie, but the sweet and salty combination was none other to what I have ever tried. All the flavors tie together so nicely together, I only hoped that coconut pie followed its footsteps.

Right when I opened the coconut pie immediately noticed something that no restaurant wants to see. Mold. Shocked, I instantly told the owner and she replaced the bad pie with a tart straight from the oven. Although appalled to see mold on the pie the hospitality of the employees made up for the accident. When I received the fresh pie, I, unfortunately, didn’t taste any coconut. It was very bland and lifeless. This left me confused considering how amazing the previous pies were, and that this pie was just made.

Sweet Potato Sensations also offers a savory side as well. With pie, you can order from a list of several sandwiches and waffles. I, unfortunately, didn’t get the chance to try home of the homemade meals.

This soulful bakery is a family run that takes complete compassion in their food and business. I feel in love with this quaint eatery and their warm welcoming atmosphere, and I can’t wait to go back!