MY VIEW: Dear fall, love me


Madeline Weekley

Jacqui Mercier '19, Social Media Manager

In my humble opinion, Autumn is inarguably the most wonderful season of all. Although it represents a period of death concerning nature, to a teenager fall represents a season of new beginnings and opportunities. And more importantly, there are lots of donuts.

Winter in Michigan is like being in a real life snow globe; full of Red Wings games, sledding, skiing, and holiday festivities, but at the end of the day, winter’s just extremely cold days and long nights.

Spring is nice in theory. Initially I associate it with budding flowers, lacrosse season, Spring Break and the anticipation of Summer Vacation. But in reality Spring at home is a long period of confusing weather and brown slush filling pothole ridden roads.

Summer is great. Many spend their days swimming, boating, travelling, and going Up North. But most of us set unrealistic expectations for the perfect, all- american Summer straight out of a movie that just never quite ends up happening. By the end of August I always end up eager to get back into a routine, even if that routine is school.

Now it’s officially Autumn. We each have a fresh opportunity to meet new friends and teachers, to try new sports and clubs, and to excel. It’s the beginning of the school year, so I’m enthusiastic in my classes, excitedly preparing for the future and it’s still sunny enough out to occasionally reminisce on Summer.

Apart from the fresh start Fall represents, the season’s also simply beautiful to witness. We’re fortunate enough to live in Michigan where we enjoy some of the most beautiful red, orange, and yellow trees; where we can pick some of the freshest, most crisp apples known to man; and where we have access to multiple amazing cider mills full of apple cider and warm, delicious donuts.

Being the American I am, I can’t talk about Fall without mentioning football. Football season is the best season, and as of now we’re fortunate enough to enjoy some pretty high quality football between our up and coming South varsity team and the Detroit Lions.

Just about every Friday the halls are filled with chatter of how people are dressing for that night’s football game theme. And at 7 pm the bleachers are filled with school spirit and pride, creating a sense of community you just can’t come by any other time.

Another Fall tradition that embraces school spirit and a sense of community during Homecoming. Every fall each grade bonds and works together to support a chosen them through banners and impressive floats. And friends come together for a pep assembly, parade, and dance. Spirit week at South is the epitome of High School tradition, and I absolutely love it.

Halloween is my second favorite holiday (after Christmas of course), it makes us all reminisce on our days of trick-or-treating, and it provides a great excuse to dress up as your favorite character.

And finally, nothing beats Fall fashion and Fall foods. Although not necessarily related, both the soft, knit sweaters and pumpkin & squash flavored delights of the season create an unbeatable cozy atmosphere I adore.

Overall, Fall as a high schooler in Michigan is unbeatable. We get to enjoy all the classic high school experiences while being surrounded by some of the most gorgeous Autumn scenery in the country, and I don’t plan on taking one second of what’s left of it for granted.