Thank you staff for your dedication

Graphic by Eva McCord 21

Graphic by Eva McCord ’21

Tower Editorial Board

Teachers to custodians. Hall monitors to office workers. Counselors to administrators. We at The Tower are so thankful for all of our staff members. With Staff Appreciation Week rapidly approaching, it is important to take time to remember how essential their role is at our school.

Here at South, we are blessed with a teaching staff that truly cares about the student body. We are blessed with a janitorial staff that keeps the campus in prime condition. We are blessed with an administration that attempts to keep the students’ best interest in mind.

According to, our teaching staff has been graded an A+, based on ratings and reviews. While we, as students, know more than anybody that the quality of a person cannot be expressed with a single letter grade, it is necessary to recognize how lucky we are to have the teachers that we do.

Our teachers spend countless hours at this school, donating their time to guide us in the formative years of our life. By coming to school early or leaving late as an adviser for a club or hosting extra review sessions and giving up their lunch, the educators at South are fully committed to their students.

In addition to the teachers at South, we are blessed with a massive auxiliary staff that puts us first. At The Tower, we firmly believe it is important to show our thanks to each person at our school who keeps the building and level of education at its prime. Say “thank you” to the next custodian you see emptying the garbage.  Smile at your counselor when you pass them in the hallway. Wish a security guard a good weekend as you rush out of school on Friday.

South is a finely-tuned machine. Each gear, each cog keeps the school working in tip-top shape. Sure, some functions can be improved, but The Tower feels it is important to recognize how lucky we are to have the staff that we do; each person has a vital role.

Student Association is hosting Staff Appreciation Week from April 9 to April 13. We believe this is a phenomenal opportunity for students to take an extra step to show their gratitude. However, we also believe this week should simply serve as a reminder for what students should be doing year-round. Our staff deserves more than just to be appreciated for one week. While the staff luncheon is great, our teachers, office workers, custodial staff and everyone else who contributes to the iconic environment of South are worth more. They are worth going the extra step, truly being appreciated for what they do, each and every day.