The Importance of Staying Focused at the End of the School Year

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Staff Writer

As summer approaches, it becomes harder to focus in school. All students can focus on is the thought of summer and no more school.

Warm weather distracts students from homework because students want to spend time outside instead of being inside studying or finishing a worksheet.

Senioritis is common in these last few weeks of school because the end is so close and people tend to lose motivation to keep working hard. People figure that slacking off for a couple of weeks won’t affect them at all in the long run.

It is important to stay focused during these last few weeks of school. Finals for juniors, sophomores and freshmen are the last week of school, and it is crucial that you don’t lose motivation to study and review your materials from your classes. You want to make sure you finish the school year as strong as you can.

It is important to make sure that you do well in these last few weeks of school because after school ends you will have the whole summer to stay outside and do no homework.

Most students don’t like to work hard during these last few weeks because they don’t think that they matter. The truth is that you should do you assignments when they are assigned to you because if you wait and put them off until the last minute then you are just going to have more work to do in the end. Then you won’t have any free time to spend outside because you will have all this work to finish.

If it is nice and outside and you don’t want to stay indoors, you can do your homework outside. Doing homework outside is nice because it lets you enjoy the outdoors and also get your work done. So not only are you getting some sun, but you are also enjoying the fresh air.

If you need a study break, feel free to spend a short amount of time outside but make sure that you know how much homework you have and leave a good amount of time to finish it so that you have it done before class. It is good to take a break when doing homework.

Although warm weather is here and the end of the school year is in sight, it is important to still focus on the schoolwork that teachers assign.