Wednesday’s freshmen elections

Henry Ayrault, Online Sports and Opinion Section Editor

This Wednesday, Oct. 26, elections for student association positions as well as class senator positions will be held. Take a look at the candidates for this year.

SA Senator

Just-Us Welch

“I consider myself a leader because I can make decisions quickly. I am a creative person and I like to think of the effects my actions would have on others. People should vote for me because I will do my 100% best to try to accommodate everyone regardless of their class or status. I will do everything I can to include input on topics that would represent the freshmen class, so they aren’t overlooked in Student Association.”

Julia Hudson

“What makes me a good leader is that I am extremely responsible, a good student, and I like to take other people’s opinions into consideration. People should vote for me because I enjoy changing things for the good of the student body and making school as enjoyable as possible.”

Hanna Ottaway

“Although I do not have former student government experience, I am enthusiastic in both civic and service activities. I look forward to making a difference for my freshmen class.”

Class Senator

Natalie Boehmer

“I am very strong in my beliefs and I am not afraid to take charge. I try t0 be nice to everyone and I have a mission to do what’s best for everyone in our grade. I am very determined and will do my best to listen to my classmates’ wishes and use them in making decision for the grade. I will help fundraise for the class of 2020 and hopefully offer some diverse new ideas.”

Shannon Keir

“I think my accountability makes me a good leader because I am very responsible for my actions. Not only am I responsible for my school performance, sports, and other extra curricular activities, I am responsible for the feelings of others around me. I have an open mind towards others and especially to new ideas.”

Marcus Boddy

“I have a lot of charisma, I can speak with people well, and I also have had experience in middle school leading in my school store, where I organized several events. I will be the people’s voice, and I will be a role model for others to follow.”

Gabrielle Moncivais

“I am determined as well as persistent. If something needs to be done, I do it and give 150%. I love helping people too and am focused on our goals. I am also open minded. I will listen to my fellow peers and try my best to satisfy their needs. I won’t stop until I’ve done my duty, but will still have fun! I’ll make sure our class is involved and we better the community (but have fun with it). It should be an inclusive environment.”

James Doerer

“I have a positive approach in everything I do and I like to get people involved. My leadership style is one of leading by example, inclusion, and encouragement. I believe I am a good role model who treats everyone with respect and I am always open to new ideas… My focus will be on introducing creative fundraising ideas that will get the class of 2020 involved to help generate money to support school activities as well as local charities.”