14th annual “Run the Pointe” takes place at Grosse Pointe South


Students race to the finish line. Photo taken by Bianca Pugliesi ’19.

Bianca Pugliesi, Staff Writer

Run the Pointe is a race organized by the Grosse Pointe South Athletic Booster Club to raise money for the athletic teams of South. This is the 14th year that this event is being put on.

Run the Pointe offers a 5k, 10k and two mile walk. The entry fee is $20, with race day registration at $25. The course is certified by USA Track and Field and features some of the great sites of Grosse Pointe.

Many sports teams require team members to participate in this run in order to raise money for their team.

“I’m the goalkeeper for the field hockey team and it was required for us to do the run,” Tori Potter ‘19 said. “Running is not one of my specialties so you can imagine how I struggled.”

This is a required meet for the girls’ cross country team. After the race, they run a car wash to raise money for their team.

“For the girls cross country team, Run the Pointe and the car wash went extremely well. The car wash was one of our most successful ones ever,” Coach Steve Zaranek said. “We had full team participation in both, which was the best part.”

Run the Pointe is a great opportunity for all of South’s sports teams to unite together in order to raise money for South athletics.

“I think Run the Pointe is a lot of fun because a lot of my friends are on different sports teams than I am so I like getting to see them,” Christiana Scheibner ‘19, a cross country runner, said. “It’s really cool to see when you put all of these sports together who the fastest runners are because all different sports have different skills.”