Legacy Project allows students a chance to save environment, make a difference


In addition to South's Bike To School Day, there is also a Bike To School Day that takes place on a national level. Bike To School Day 2017 is scheduled for May 10.

By Zoe Evans ’17 | Pulse Social Media Coordinator

On June 3rd, South will have Bike or Walk to school day because of the efforts of two students, Gabriella Gigante and Grace Gulyas. Both students are from Mr. McNamara’s AP Environmental class and decided to do this as their Legacy Project for the year.

The Legacy Project is about leaving a lasting mark, making a difference in the community, and showing how easy it is to save the environment. The students were allowed to pick whatever topic or activity that would result in a measurable change in their community.

“I picked it because it’s so easy to do, yet makes such a big difference,” Gigante said. “CO2 is the leading greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming and climate change and transportations accounts for 31 percent of our CO2 emissions.”

Grosse Pointe is a walking district, yet the “J Lot” fills with cars, and students are eager to get their licenses.

“It’s a privilege that a lot of students in this community have, and we’re hoping if they’re able, they could go without that privilege for a day.” Gulyas said.

Gigante and Gulyas have hung posters, painted the rock and used the announcements as their main sources of advertisements. They will be counting the number of bikes at the racks and comparing it to the average they have calculated to see if more students have opted to biking to school.

“We’re hopeful that people will talk advantage of this opportunity to get exercise and be outside while trying to save our planet.” Gigante said.