Senior reflects on last holiday caroling season

Photo courtesy of Scarlett Constand '16

Photo courtesy of Scarlett Constand '16

By Scarlett Constand ’16 | Opinion Editor

“Joy to the World,” because I never, ever have to sing any more age-old Christmas carols–ever. It is a bittersweet feeling because as much as the repetitive singing was tiresome, it created memories that I will hold dear to my heart for a while yet. That does not mean, however, that I will not carol by choice next holiday season. Caroling–done right that is–can bring in the big bucks. I like that a lot.

Looking back on my years in choir, I never thought that I would ever grow to miss singing show tunes, classical music, or especially holiday carols. But to my surprise and dismay, I am already starting to miss singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

This past caroling year, in particular, was pretty successful. I joined a private singing group with the best people, and together we would get gigs and then subsequently get paid pretty handsomely.

Earning money was fantastic, obviously, but it was an added bonus to the caroling experience. I loved singing “Let it Snow” to overjoyed inebriated people in restaurant bars because, for some reason, they liked it more than sober people. Seeing the marvelous, gleeful looks on their faces alone was almost worth singing.

I love singing, and I love making people happy, so naturally being in choir is second nature. Now that the caroling season is over, I get to look back on the experience with wistful fondness, but also look forward to the rest of my very last year in choir.