The Tower Pulse

Creating new hobbies in quarantine

Marguerite Quinn '22, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020

As society continues to stay on lockdown, we have seen many new hobbies people have taken up to pass time. From binge-watching television shows to painting portraits, people have found creative ways to entertain themselves while...

Debating to work or not to work

Ally Bearman '20, Staff Writer

April 3, 2020

In the midst of a national emergency, many people are still maintaining their everyday routine. This would include students going to work, even though they’re advised to stay home. Lucy Debrunner ’20 works at Mama Rosa...

Pastimes for the downtime

Gia Agosta '21 and Kate Skupien '21

April 3, 2020

At a time when there seems to be nothing else to do other than sit around, Lizzy Bellovich ’21 and other members of the community are finding ways to keep themselves engaged and entertained. Bellovich said she has been playin...