Homecoming check in: How are classes preparing for the big event?

Lydia McNanney '23, Copy Editor

SPEEDING ALONG South seniors work to create mini- paper mache cars for their Homecoming theme Speedway Seniors on Sept. 18. (Lydia McNanney ’23)

With Homecoming being just a few weeks away, students are on a time crunch to finish the long list of tasks that come with preparing for the big event.

Homecoming is an enormous undertaking that requires immense class involvement according to senior President Lilly Stidham ’23. Each class must create banners, posters, spirit packs and a parade float that all adhere to the class’ chosen theme.

Stidham said that this year the “Speedway Seniors” have gotten lucky as they’ve had high turnouts at float parties, as well as a general excitement among the senior class.

“Participation has been something that our grade has always struggled with, unfortunately,” Stidham said. “This year, I’ve already seen a better turnout that we’ve been getting in the past, which is exciting.”

Beyond the racetrack, sophomore President Adelina Parikh ’25 said that the “Surf’s-Up Sophomores” are hard at work constructing a float that reflects their beachy theme, and they’re feeling confident in their creation.

“(The float) is definitely an improvement from last year,” Parikh said. “People are having fun and taking some creative liberties but still staying within the bounds of the theme.”

One class that Homecoming can have a particularly strong effect on is freshman since it is the first major event they will experience as they transition into high school. Class Advisor Nicole Westfall has been delighted with the high interest and engagement the class has demonstrated.

“We’ve had great involvement,” Westfall said. “Last week, we struggled, but it wasn’t that we didn’t have enough kids. We actually almost had too many with not enough stuff for everyone to do.”

Not only must classes allocate their time to building floats and painting posters, but they must also lend attention to creating themed spirit packs for their grade’s spirit day. According to Stidham, these spirit packs contain t-shirts and other accessories that fit the theme, but for students that either didn’t purchase a pack or want to add to their spirit day ensemble, classes typically provide outfit suggestions.

“Pretty soon we’re going to start posting on our Instagram about ideas for costumes,” Stidham said. “A lot of people are already talking about dressing up from movies such as ‘Talladega Nights’ and some ‘Fast and Furious’ characters.”

Parikh suggests her classmates incorporate sunglasses and colorful items, or if they’re feeling up to it, she urges them to go all out and have fun with the theme.

“Definitely dress really beachy and get at least a Hawaiian shirt in the mix,” Parikh said. “If you really want to go all out, you know, get a shark fin. Just make sure that whatever it is, it’s colorful and nice.”

When it comes to Homecoming, Stidham said that the most certain way to ensure a meaningful and fun experience is to show up to class meetings and participate whenever possible.

“Don’t be afraid to get involved,” Stidham said. “Live in the moment, try to come to meetings or just find a way that you can involve yourself with the class throughout the school year.”