A guide to the Blue Devil’s dominion; inside the student section

Madison Turnbull '24, Business Manager

CHEERS FOR PEERS Devil’s Den members hype up the student section by playing Bad Blood by Taylor Swift after the South varsity team scores a goal against North in a Sept. 9 soccer game. (Margot Murphy ’23)

“We run GP”, The South football season is in full swing. With the first home football game September 23rd, underclassmen might find themselves asking “where do I sit?” or even, “how are South games different from other games?” Those students are in luck, because South’s own Devils Den is the go-to spot to check for games, themes and more.

Devil’s Den is joining forces with the Student Association at South. Lauren Wortman ’23, is this year’s Devils Den president. She expressed what to do and how to enjoy every minute of South home games.

“Devil’s Den is all about school and team spirit,” Lauren Wortman said, “Rooting on all of our sports teams while having our own kind of fun as well.”

Games aren’t only about watching football and dressing up. South is among the most fortunate schools to also have a full sideline cheer team, award-winning marching band, and a dance team. With their help, Souths’ school spirit is spread throughout the stands and not compacted in the student section corner and is all the way onto the field.

“(During halftime) everyone in the den sits down and watches the dance team and bands,” Wortman said. “The dance team always puts on a show and the band provides a nice musical break during the game as well.”


CHEERING LOUD South Student Section mimics University of Michigan Mr. Brightside chant in order to cheer on the football players at the game on Sept. 23. (Jane Kuhnlein ’23)

student section can at times feel claustrophobic and loud, but it’s all in good fun. Home games aren’t just for students, but the South community as a whole. Bringing together South alumni, up-and-coming South students and community members who went to South instead of going to that school over on 707 Vernier Rd. Wortman urges fans to remember to be respectful of themselves and others during the game- no harassing, throwing objects or bullying. Most importantly, she hopes students always remember they are representing the South community.

“Make sure you cheer on the team and to keep the entire den environment positive and cheerful, even if we are losing the game,” Wortman said.