Girls’ tennis aces North, Athens and Cousino

Grace Whitaker '22, Web Editor

Molly Perkins ’22, left, and Meghan Wysocki ’22, right, use their tennis rackets to give each other a high five while switching positions on the court after scoring another point during the quad competition on April 16.

On Saturday, April 16, the Girls Varsity tennis team competed in a quad against Grosse Pointe North, Cousino, and Troy Athens. Molly Perkins ’22 was pleased with her and her partner’s performance in their doubles match, securing a win for South.

“Meghan and I are getting used to playing together, I really think our communication got better (this match),” Perkins said

Mark Sobieralski has been head coach of the girls varsity tennis team for 30 seasons now. He said that despite the difficulties the team has been facing, the girls played well and are in a good spot for the beginning of the season.

“It’s early in the season so we’re still a little rusty, but we have a lot of seniors with experience on the team and we have some time before the season really picks up and once we get our matches down we’ll have a little more experience,” Sobieralski said.

According to Sobieralski, rain and bad weather early on in the season had stopped them from playing. Missing this practice time could have hurt South’s chances in the quad, but Coach Sobieralski said the girls still did great.

“We’re not really match tough yet, we’re struggling a little bit early in the season, but it’s the weather with the wind and cold,” Sobieralski said. “We’re typically a powerhouse in the state so we’re just a little behind but we still did good.”

Despite the cold weather there was a good turnout of family and friends to cheer the girls on. Megan Kornmeier ’23 said having suppo

rters there helped keep her energy up and head in the game.

“I think we could have played better, but we still won, we got the job done,” Kornmeier said. “It was nice to have people here there to cheer us on and keep the energy up.”