Safety in Spring Sports


River Kraus '22, Staff Writer

Spring Sports. Baseball, softball, golf, lacrosse, sailing, tennis, and track are all spring sports that may look different this spring because of quarantine rules from the state. Spring sports are all outside which makes close contacts more difficult..

Varsity Lacrosse player Sean Clarke 21’ said they are wearing masks to protect from the spread for Covid. “We have to test before every single game and practice as well and wear masks for everything,” Clarke said. “But if you have gotten vaccinated then you don’t have to test before practices, only for games.”

Head varsity baseball Coach Dan Greisbaum said the rules will be different this year and more strict.

“No seeds, gum, or spitting, do not have to wear masks when competing, but have to in dugouts,” Greisbaum said. “No handshaking after the game, etc., high fives, pitchers cannot go to their mouth at all.”

Whereas sailing will have even different rules. Dougie Cowan 22’ said masks must be worn at all times and that it’s just the simple procedures.

James Borowicz 22’ who is on the Varsity Track team, said that covid rules for the track team are pretty standard.

“Six feet apart at all times and masks on when we’re not running and working out,” Borowicz said.

Varsity tennis player Owen Sanford 22’ mentioned that masks were the main factor in the Covid protocol.

“Masks must be worn when not playing,” Owen Sanford 22’ said. “Social distance rules apply as well.”

The CDC recommends no shared equipment such as helmets, water bottles, and bats. Team members are supposed to alert a coach if they exhibit any symptoms.