Clubs coping during COVID-19

Isabel Stoller '22, Page Editor

Even as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Michigan, South clubs remain operational. However, many groups have transitioned their meetings to an online platform or adapted their in-person meetings to accommodate for COVID-19 safety measures.

At South, there are approximately 61 clubs this year, according to Student Activities Director Melissa Petz. She said all have worked to make meetings safe and effective while simultaneously reducing the stress of students learning online.

“All clubs are either actively meeting through Zoom or outside,” Petz said. “Some of our clubs have had to be creative, like doing walking tours around the school or yoga socially-distanced on the front lawn.”

According to research done by the Center for Disease and Control Protection (CDC), there has been an increase in anxiety and depression symptoms found in teens during the pandemic. According to Petz, clubs have helped many students through the pandemic.

“We have received feedback (that clubs) are helpful and reduce students’ stress levels,” Petz said. “To be able to meet with peers on an informal basis with like-minded interests really seems to help students.”